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Cortec VpCI’s bond electro-chemically with metal surfaces to form a protective

"molecular umbrella,"

sealing out the air and moisture that causes rust and corrosion.

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Products - 91321

Product Description

Bullfrog Rust Blocker Shield (91321) - Stick it up in a Second...Stop Rust for a Year!
Stop rust for a year in any enclosed space up to 50 cubic feet with the invisible
molecular protection of VpCI’s (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors). Ideal for any
metal stored in an enclosed area. Used by the worlds largest companies to protect
their critical assets from rust and corrosion.

How it works:


• Works better than conventional rust inhibitors, yet is Environmentally and User Safe

• No nitrates, silicones, phosphates, heavy metals or other harmful chemicals

• Won’t harm plastics, elastomers or painted surfaces

• Each emitter protects for a full year and works even under extreme conditions


• Storage lockers

• Gun Safes

• Large tool chests

• Boat storage holds

• Truck storage boxes

• Pianos

• Electrical Cabinets

• Any thousands of other uses

How to Use
Simply remove shield from plastic insert, put back into cardboard sleeve, write
the date on back of box and insert into any enclosed space where there is metal
for 1 year of corrosion protection. The VpCIs migrate from the foam to all metal
surfaces within the enclosed space sealing out air and moisture that causes rust
and corrosion.

Each shield will protect up to 50 cubic feet of space for 1 year and measures 10-5/8"
x 10-5/8"x 3/8". (Larger areas can be protected by combi
ning multiple shields)