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Industrial Version VpCI®-238

Bullfrog 92381

7 fluid ounces

Cortec VpCI®s bond with metal surfaces to form a protective 'Molecular Umbrella'

sealing out air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion.

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Products - 92381

Product Description
Bullfrog Electronic Cleaner and Corrosion Blocker (92381).

Industrial Version VpCI®-238.

One Spray...Cleans and Protects for a Year!  Remove the dirt, grit and corrosion that is silently attacking the performance and reliability of every electronic device, every electrical system that you own. Developed and used by NATO, U.S. Navy and repair technicians around the world to protect electrical connections, cars, trailers, equipment, outdoor lights, phones, remotes, TVs, VCRs, even light bulbs. 

The Bullfrog Electronic Cleaner and Corrosion Blocker cleans, seals and protects any electronic connection with VpCI® (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor) protective molecules allowing no moisture to enter or corrosion to develop. 

How it Works


• Non-conductive, no CFC's or III trichlors, non sticky, fast drying. 

• No silicones, phosphates, heavy metals or harmful chemicals. 

• Has no effect on electrical or chemical performances. 

Works even under extreme conditions.

• Protects and enhances performance up to one year


• Marine Equipment

• Audio Visual Equipment

• Electronics and Electrical Systems

• Machinery & Equipment

• Hand & Power Tools

 • Trucks, Cars, Bikes

How to Use

Simply disconnect power and spray lightly on the surface to be cleaned.  Remove rust and corrosion with a soft brush, cotton swab or soft cloth.  Repeat if necessary. 

Wait until surface is dry to the touch before reconnecting power.