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Cortec VpCI®s bond with metal surfaces to form a protective 'Molecular Umbrella' sealing out air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion.


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Product Description
Bullfrog Lubricant with Rust Blocker (93692). Industrial Version VpCI®-369.

Works Better Than…”You Know Who”!
Bull Frog Lubricant & Rust Blocker not only stops metal parts from sticking and squeaking,

it eliminates the problem from happening in the first place by actually preventing rust and corrosion. It uses Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) technology to form an invisible electrochemical barrier around the metal therefore protecting it against corrosion causing air and moisture.

The non-conductive protective film offer long-lasting protection for up to a full year. Lubricate and protect tools, machinery, bearings, chains, fittings, hinges, rusted bolts, and more.

How it works

• Non-conductive, no CFC's or III trichlors, non sticky, fast drying.
• Works even under extreme conditions.
• Protects and enhances performance up to one year.

• Tools, bearings, chains, fittings, hinges, rusted bolts
• Marine Equipment
• Machinery & Equipment
• Hand & Power Tools
• Trucks, Cars, Bikes
• Any moving part

How to Use
To use—Simply spray area that is stuck, squeaky or needs lubrication.


7 fluid oz

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Industrial Version VpCI-369