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Industrial Version


Product Description

Bullfrog Fast Wax with Rust Blocker (98198) - Industrial Version VpCI®-819 Wax.

Finally—a unique wax that SHINES and PROTECTS in just minutes! BullFrog Fast Wax with Rust Blocker is the easiest and fastest wax available and the only spray wax that actively blocks rust and corrosion. This wax doesn't just protects the finish, beneath the shine, from rust, corrosion, UV rays and fiberglass oxidation.

• Cleans finish for brighter shine.

• Only wax that contains VpCls*.
• Stops rust corrosion, UV rays, and fiberglass oxidation beneath the shine.
• Sprays in hard-to-reach spaces to stop rust and corrosion.
• No effect on finish and no chemical build-up-ever.
• The same tough, long-lasting carnauba wax used by professionals. Great for clear coat.

• Cars , Trucks and Motorcycles
• Boats
• Lighting fixtures
• Personal Watercraft

• Stainless Steel Appliances and Sinks
• Any painted metal surface

How to Use

Just spray it on and wipe off. No other wax provides protection along with such a long lasting shine. Just wash or rinse vehicle to remove surface dirt. Apply Bull Frog Fast Wax with Rust Blocker, making sure you spray hinges and door frames. Towel dry with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

After waxing, VpCI's go to work, sealing and protecting metals with a self-repairing "Molecular Umbrella" that seals out the air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion even through paint and other coatings. VpCI's bond electrochemically with metal surfaces to form the protective "Molecular Umbrella". Should the Bull Frog "Molecular Umbrella" ever be scratched away, VpCI's in the adjacent wax migrate through the air to form a new one. VpCls protect all those tiny nicks where the paint has chipped away. You can shine an entire car in just minutes. 

Testimonial: For those that are running OEM polished aluminum rims, you know how tough they can be to keep clean, free of corrosion, brake dust and general grime. I found a neat trick to keep the rims looking good all the time, and it takes little elbow grease. Get the rims polished up to where you are satisfied (Mothers Billet Polish, Wicked or whatever your choice) with the shine. Get the Scott brand Rags in a Box and tear one towel loose. Fold the towel so it is folded in half once, and then again, so the towel is 4" X 4" square. Spray the Bullfrog Fast Wax onto the folded towel, to where the towel is damp, close to dripping. Wipe the towel onto the rims to the point where residue or beads of wetness are seen on the rims. Allow the Bullfrog Fast Wax to dry. With the use of a micro-drying towel, polish off the dried residue The Bullfrog Fast Wax lasts about a month or so, so treatment should be done monthly for best results. This process takes about 10 minutes a rim 20 minutes total for both wheels, both sides. Polish the rims once, treat them with the Fast Wax monthly, and the elbow grease for polishing can be best used for drinking your favorite brew. The Bullfrog Fast Wax is clear, so this will work well also on black or painted surfaces as when the product dries, the dried residue is clear. No muss with left behind white residue. Again, use a micro towel for polishing up any left behind residue, and the shine will be outstanding. Rich—Waipahu, HI.

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