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Products - BCP35M

Product Description

BCP35M is used in petroleum refinery applications to degrade petroleum products in a marine environment with Bioaugmentation. BP35M contains aerobic and facultative anaerobic microoganisms to provide greater resistance to the effects of organic inhibitors present in wastewaters with a high salt content.

BP35M contains Rhamnolipids that greatly increase the biological decomposition of the hydrocarbon by separating the contaminant into smaller droplets.  This allows for improved bioavalibility for our proprietary bacteria, which have been specifically developed to digest hydrocarbons aggressively.  Rhamnolipids are also known to support naturally occurring in situ bacteria digestion and degreadation.


• Enhance BOD and COD removal while improving sludge settlement

• Remove oil deposits and prevent scum formation in holding tanks, sewers, drains and

   aeration basins

• Accelerate breakdown of unpleasant odours associated with handling oily wastes.