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Product Description

Enviroklean Stain Remover is a unique formulation designed to remove unwanted stains from a multitude of areas. Initially developed to remove rust stains caused by crevice corrosion on painted metal surfaces and boat hulls, more uses are constantly being discovered including removing unsightly brake dust.

Enviroklean Stain Remover is a water based, marine friendly stain neutralizer and multi-purpose cleaner that does not leave a film on the metal surfaces and is not affected by varied temperatures. Enviroklean® can be used on almost all metals including stainless and aluminum. Note: Enviroklean® can dull some aluminum—this can be polished out.  As with all chemicals, materials should be tested for compatibility in a non-conspicuous area.


- Enviroklean® is quick and easy to use.

- Enviroklean® is an environmentally friendly water-based formulation.

- Enviroklean® does not leave a film on the metal surface and is not affectedby varied temperatures.


Easily Remove Unsightly Brake

- Pour Enviroklean Stain Remover into disposable cup.

- Apply Enviroklean Stain Remover using soft disposable brush to rims. 

  (Can be sprayed as well - better detail with soft brush)

- Enviroklean instantly lifts and removes unsightly brake dust.

- Rinse with fresh water for an incredibly clean rim.

   For very dirty and heavy brake dust—apply Enviroklean as above,rinse with fresh water, and repeat.


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