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94-463 Alapine Street, Waipahu, HI 96797

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Rust & Corrosion Prevention that works in Harsh Tropical Island Environments!     When It's Rust...Call Us!

(808) 676-1963

Product Description
CarWell’s RUST INHIBITOR CP90 is a unique blend of rust inhibitors to control corrosion on all metals. It eliminates moisture containing salt, dirt and air pollutants from the surface of metal to give long lasting protection. It also lubricates moving parts and is an excellent penetrant even through existing rust.


•No hazardous Materials

•No Silicones

•No CFC’s

•Eliminates moisture containing salt, dirt and air pollutants from metal surface

•Lubricates moving parts

•Excellent penetrant even through existing rust

* As defined by OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.1200.

• Seams, welds, folds and crevices
• Riveted pieces, chains
• Door & lock mechanisms
• Gas tanks & straps
• Brake cables
• Wheel hub nuts
• Oil pan, transmission nuts & bolts
• Mirror mounts
• Headlight Adjusters
• Trucks, cars, vans, motorcycles, ATV, PWC’s, buses, trailers, tractors, boats
• Salt spreaders, seeders, fertilizer spreaders
• Lawn mowers, Landscape Equipment, Golf Course Equipment
• Tools, shovels, rakes, metal boxes
• Garage doors, locks, hinges, louvers
• Roof top mechanical components
• Particularly prior to or during periods of storage or as part of regular maintenance.
• Seized parts, nuts and bolts
• Rollers, castors, hinges, brackets, release cables
• Window regulators & wiper mechanism
• Coil & leaf springs, U bolts
• Electrical wiring, lights, electrical connectors
• Battery posts & cables
• Any area where dissimilar metals are fastened
• Radiator brackets, shrouds & casing

How to Use

Apply liberally to areas prone to corrosion, rusty areas or seized parts. Allow time to penetrate on seized parts. Reapply as needed to maintain the level of protection and lubrication desired. The product will not harm rubber, painted surfaces, plastics or glass.Do not allow product to puddle or buildup on weather stripping, rubber gaskets or liners. Protect with silicone spray.

Do not apply to recently painted area for at least 48 hours after paint has properly dried and cured. Do not apply to parts that are glued together like side moldings as the product may break down the glue.

Available in 55 Gallon Drums, 5 Gallon Pails, CP90 Gallon Jugs, CP90 Bottles (16oz)