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Product Description
Corrosorber® Pouch is a uniquely designed pouch containing an indicating

powder that absorbs corrosive sulfurous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and

volatile mercaptans. As the Corrosorber® Pouch absorbs these corrosive gases

the powder will change color from green to black notifying the user when it’s

time to replace the pouch. Unlike other products on the market,

Corrosorber® Pouch  will not release the corrosive gases back into the atmosphere.

The reaction is irreversible, eliminating any concern about post contamination.

Metals are readily attacked by gases such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and

other sulfur compounds that can cause severe damage or failures to occur.

The Corrosorber® Pouch is a great complement to Vapor-phase Corrosion

Inhibitors (VpCI®) as it absorbs these gases eliminating a source of corrosion

and allowing VpCI®s to function more efficiently. 

Corrosorber® Pouches are constructed from breathable Tyvek®* on one side and

clear PET film on the other; allowing indication of needed product replacement.

• Scavenges corrosive gases
• Non-toxic, safe to handle
• Changes color as it is used up
• Irreversible reaction, no post-contamination
• Economical to use
• Very convenient to use
• Does not interfere with electrical, optical, or
mechanical surface performance
• Quick and easy installation
• Protects during operation and shutdown
• Compact, space-saving, unobtrusive device

• Petrochemical plants
• Water treatment plants
• Plants handling sulfurous crude oil
• Natural gas handling
• Pulp and paper plants
• Animal agriculture facilities
• Operating, packaged, and stored electrical equipment
• Marine navigation and communication equipment
• Aerospace electrical controls
• Electric motors, switching equipment
• Fuse boxes, power boxes
• Medical equipment
• Electrical wireways, terminal boxes
• Scientific and measuring instruments
• Telecommunications equipment
• Remote electronics devices

How to Use
Install the Corrosorber® Pouch at the earliest possible time; before shipping or receiving whenever possible. Simply select a space within any enclosed device where H2S gas is present. Replace pouch when complete change from green to black is observed.

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