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Product Description

EcoLine® 3220 is an exciting addition to our biodegradable line of products made with renewable resources. EcoLine 3220 is a 99% biobased ready-to use temporary coating. This canola oil-based product offers a tenacious film that clings to metal surfaces providing excellent contact corrosion protection in storage and shipment.

In addition, EcoLine® 3220 provides long lasting vapor corrosion inhibition.

Made from renewable materials and containing canola oil as a carrier, this product is environmentally safe, has excellent thermostability, and has no effect on rubber, plastics, or paints. EcoLine® 3220 falls within the USDA BioPreferred Corrosion Preventative Catagory and is identified for Federal Agency Preferred Purchasing (

EcoLine® 3220 provides multimetal protection and lubricity in a variety of applications and is especially useful where application is required in freezing temperatures.

• Complete multimetal protection
• Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
• USDA Certified Biobased Product

• Safe for users
• VOC-free
• Provides universal corrosion protection
• Combines film-forming additives with VpCI®s
• Provides excellent anti-corrosion protection in high humidity atmospheres and chloride-   containing environments
• Lubricates parts
• Good replacement for mineral oil and flammable solvents
• Low pour point (-18°C)

Metals Protected

• Carbon steel

• Aluminum and alloys

• Copper and alloys

• Cast iron

• Galvanized steel

• Stainless steel

Plastics and Elastomers

These samples have been tested and are compatible:

• Buna N

• Butyl Rubber

• Neoprene

• Silicon Rubber

• Teflon


*Has to be tested in specific temperature conditions

• Machines and equipment
• Maintenance
• Temporary coating for storage and shipment
• Wire
• Sheet metals
• Pipe
• Flanges
• Gears
• Fabricated or machined parts
• Ballast tank preservation

How to Use
EcoLine®3220 is a ready-to-use product and can be applied by dipping, spraying, or brushing at many stages of metal fabrication or for storage and shipment.

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