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Product Description
GalvaCorr®is a three component, moisture curing, metal rich, urethane coating.  GalvaCorr® is a galvanic coating for concrete that uses sacrificial metals to provide

cathodic protection to embedded steel rebar.GalvaCorr® is electrically connected

to the rebar and galvanically stops the corrosion. This eliminates the need for

expensive external power sources for corrosion protection. GalvaCorr® is formulated

with additives that promote the galvanic action.

GalvaCorr® is superior to other galvanic protection coatings in cost and ease of

application. It can be spray or brush applied. Application of GalvaCorr® does not

require expensive surface preparation. Power washing will be sufficient in most cases.

The use of Cortec’s MCI®-2020 surface applied corrosion inhibitor is an excellent complement to this system. If MCI-2020 is to be used, it must be applied prior to GalvaCorr®. Also, MCI-2020 must have 8-24 hours to penetrate concrete followed by a water rinse to remove any residue. Wait an additional 24 hours, (concrete should be dry to touch), before GalvaCorr® is applied.
Application considerations - GalvaCorr® is not a traffic bearing coating.

• Low VOC
• Does not contain zinc phosphate
• Can be applied at low temperatures
• Excellent adhesion
• High solids
• Easy to apply
• Cost effective
• Prompt protection where to use

GalvaCorr® is excellent for underside application to structures such as:
• Bridges, buildings, and foundations of all types
• Parking decks, ramps, and garages
• Commercial and civil engineered structures
• Concrete piers, offshore platforms, piles, pillars, pipes, and utility poles above water line

Galvanic coating for concrete - Based on technology developed at the NASA Kennedy Space Center*  *NASA Advanced Materials Symposium, May 16, 2002, Cleveland, Ohio

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