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​​Product Description

Cortec® High Performance Coatings provide permanent protection for field service,

anti-corrosive maintenance and OEM applications. With environmentally safe

VpCI® technology, your equipment and products will be effectively protected against

humidity, saltwater, and oxidizing atmospheres as wellas corrosive industrial,

marine, and tropical  environments. Most Cortec® coatings have outstanding

UV resistance and Cortec®products also have excellent gloss retention, which

is important when aesthetics are a consideration.

- 93896-  Consumer Version of VpCI-389

- GalvaCorr® - is a three component, moisture curing, metal rich, urethane coating.

 - VpCI® CorrVerter® is a water-based primer recommended for application to rusty or poorly              prepared steel surfaces where further corrosion protection is required and good surface preparation is   difficult to achieve.  

- VpCI®-368 is a time-proven coating that provides excellent protection to metal substrates exposed to   harsh outdoor conditions.

- VpCI®-369 - best inhibitor for use as an oil additive and/or temporary coating.

- VpCI®-373 is a water-based wash primer. VpCI®-373 is used for bonding other primers and coatings   such as VpCI®-386 to a variety of metal substrates.

- VpCI®-386 is a unique, water-based acrylic primer/ topcoat that successfully provides protection in     harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications. The complex mixture of non-toxic, organic inhibitors offers       protection that can compete with most paints and zinc rich primers.

- VpCI®-387 is a high-build topcoat that provides long term corrosion inhibition for metal substrates     in tough atmospheric conditions.

-VpCI® -389 - water-based, temporary coating which provides excellent protection for outside        applications and salt-spray resistance. VpCI-389 is an environmentally friendly replacement to oil-  based products.

- VpCI®-391 is a water-born, temporary coating that is intended for medium to long-term indoor and     outdoor protection.

- VpCI®-396 is a high solids aromatic moisture cure urethane. VpCI-396 is a direct to metal primer for   multimetal protection. 

- VpCI®-819 - Wax/Rinse shines, seals, and protects metal surfaces using vapor corrosion inhibitors.

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