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Products - Industrial & Municipal Waste Treatments

Product Description

Biological Remediation of Environments - Bionetix provides Probiotics for our

environment. Using Microbial based bio-products with specially selected bacteria

to digest organic waste quickly and completely, without causing odors or noxious

gases. 100% natural; non-pathogenic  in people or animals with formulations that

contain specific, all-natural microorganisms to breakdown organic pollutants without

the use of chemicals and further damage to the environment. Bionetix products grow

and reproduce readily in the environmental conditions of organic waste Formulations contain a macronutrient blend to maximize biological activity.

- BCP11 - Treats Chemical Industry Wastewater streams.

- BCP35M- Refinery- Petrochemical Waste Treatment in a marine environment.

-BPC35S - Refinery and Chemical Waste Remediation in Soil.

- BIOBLOC22 -  Lift Station Maintenance.

- Corrsorber - Absorbs hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases.

- Corrsorber Pouch - Uniquely designed pouch containing an indicating powder                     that absorbs corrosive sulfurous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and volatile mercaptans.

- Desicorr - Specially designed pouch to protect products from moisture damage. 

- Desicorr VpCI - Specially designed two sided pouch which contains a unique                           combination   of desiccant and VpCI® (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor).

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