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Product Description

M-531 is an oil-based package of corrosion inhibitors for petroleum and synthetic

lubricants. M-531 provides outstanding non-staining properties with excellent

demulsibility and filterability. M-531 is very effective for napthenic, iso-paraffinic,

PAO, etc. based lubricants.

• Excellent rust inhibitor
• Excellent non-staining properties
• Excellent filterability
• Can be used in hydraulic applications
• When added at recommended concentration to hydraulic fluids, does not affect

   emulsification, pour point, or viscosity at low temperatures

• Compatible with most mineral and synthetic oils
• Suitable for both operating and intermittent use conditions
• Resists gelling when contaminated with water

Metals Protected

• Carbon steel

• Copper

• Solder

• Stainless steel

• Cadmium

• Tin

• Galvanized steel

• Magnesium

• Lead

• Aluminum

• Silver

• Bronze

• Brass

• Zinc

M-531 can be used in a wide variety of industrial lubricant applications where excellent rust protection, filterability, and water resistance are required.

In rust preventive applications it is particularly useful for coiled steel or stacked parts due to its outstanding           non-staining properties.
Highly recommended for use in hydraulic fluids.

Ideally suited for formulating paper machine oils and circulating oils where good filterability,

   anticorrosion, thermal stability, and demulsification properties are required.

Excellent for mothballing or temporary shutdown.

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