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Product Description

MCI®-2020 is a surface applied, migrating corrosion inhibitor designed to penetrate

through cementitious materials including concrete, mortar, and limestone. MCI®-2020 migrates in both liquid and vapor (gas) phases through the pore structure, forming a protective, molecular layer on embedded reinforcement. MCI®-2020 provides corrosion protection against carbonation, chlorides, and other contaminants. MCI®-2020 V/O is a

high viscosity version of MCI®-2020 which is specifically designed for vertical and

overhead applications.

How it works

MCI®-2020/MCI®-2020 V/O are organic corrosion inhibitors. They are considered

ambiodic (mixed) inhibitors which means they protect both anodic and cathodic areas

within a corrosion cell. MCI®-2020/MCI®-2020 V/O contain a synergistic blend of

amino-alcohols and salts of carboxylic acids which form a protective layer on embedded reinforcement delaying the onset of corrosion as well as reducing existing corrosion rates.


MCI®-2020/MCI®-2020 V/O offer engineers, owners,contractors, DOTs, and other

  government agencies a time proven, corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend                     the service life of their reinforced concrete structures.

•Protects against corrosion caused by carbonation, chlorides, and other aggressive          contaminants
•Effectively reduces corrosion rates on metals with existing corrosion
•ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Approval for structures containing potable water
•Water-based and non-flammable
•Does not etch, stain, discolor, or otherwise harm glass, metals, or automotive paint
•Does not contain calcium nitrite
•Does not contain wax
•Does not require removal of sound concrete
•Allows vapor diffusion (not a vapor barrier)
•Easily applied by spray, brush, or roller
•Minimal curing time, traffic may resume minutes after application if necessary (dry to touch)
•Migrates independent of orientation(horizontal,vertical, overhead)

Migrates up to 3 inches in 30 days
•Proven performance in both lab and field testing
•MCI®MCI-2020V/O available for vertical and overhead surfaces

Where to use

MCI®-2020 and MCI®-2020 V/O are recommended for:
•Preventative maintenance of existing reinforced, precast, prestressed, post-tensioned, or

  marine concrete structures
•Bridges,highways,and industrial floors exposed to aggressive environments 

  (chemicals, deicing salts, carbonation, atmospheric attack)
•Parking garages
•Concrete piers, dams, offshore platforms, piles, pillars, pipes, utility poles, and cooling towers
•Concrete potable water structures
•As a component of Cortec’s High Performance Repair System™ (HPRS®)

Case Histories

Local and Worldwide Projects utilizing Cortec® MCI®-2020.

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