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Products - MCI ®-2701

Rust & Corrosion Prevention that works in Harsh Tropical Island Environments!     When It's Rust...Call Us!

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Product Description

MCI ®-2701 with MCI (Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor) is a polymer-modified, cement-based mortar for structurally repairing or overlaying deteriorated concrete. Developed with Sto Corporation, this product is designed for use on horizontal or vertical surfaces for repairs from 1/4 to 2 inches (6 mm to 51 mm) or extend it with aggregate for deeper horizontal applications. MCI ®-2701 provides the proper concentration of MCI ® molecules necessary to create a protective monomolecular layer on metals embedded in concrete and inhibit further corrosion of bars.

MCI ®-2701 is a one-component, multi-purpose repair mortar that is ready-to-use; just add clean water. Once mixed by drill and paddle or standard mortar mixer, its medium-slump floats and consolidates easily. The acrylic polymer in the product provides a creamy consistency that can be finished easily without tearing the surface. Finish it smooth with a trowel or texture with a sponge float or broom.

Polymer-modified - Increases durability and freeze-thaw resistance; excellent             adhession; 
improves flexural strength

Low shrinkage - Stable bond line; resists perimeter cracking
Thermally compatible with concrete - Prevents delamination caused by                       temperature changes
Integral Corrosion Inhibitor - Protects embedded steel against corrosion
High abrasion resistance - Wears longer; stands up to abusive traffic
One component - Factory controlled polymer to cement ration; ready-to-use;             easily mixed with water on the job site, no chemical jugs to dispose
Contains Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor (MCI ®) - Seeks out and forms a corrosion   inhibiting 
protective layer on metals; migrates to adjacent areas to protect metals     around the repair  area; reduces the halo or ring effect surrounding the repair area


Apply only to sound, clean, properly prepared surfaces. Dampen the area to be repaired so the pores of the concrete are filled with water. Remove any ponding or glistening water on the surface (saturated surface dry/SSD).

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