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Product description

MCI Grenades® consist of Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) packaged in

water-soluble PVA bags.  MCI Grenades® are very convenient to use and come in

two sizes for easy dosing. One 500g MCI Grenades® per 1 cubic yard or one 650g

Metric MCI Grenades® per 1 cubic meter provides excellent protection to steel

reinforcement. MCI Grenades® dissolve easily when in contact with water in the

concrete mix.  During mixing the bag will completely dissolve and the MCI®

compounds will begin to disperse into the mix.  The MCI®s protect reinforcing steel, galvanized steel, and other metals embedded in concrete from corrosion induced by carbonation, chloride, and atmospheric attack.  When incorporated into the concrete

mix, the MCI®s form a corrosion inhibiting protective layer on metals.  When used

with repair mortars and grouts, MCI®s will migrate toward the rebar providing

effective corrosion protection.


•Offers engineers, owners, contractors, DOTs, and government agencies a time          proven corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend the life of reinforced concrete      structures

•Protects against the harmful effects of corrosion even in the densest concrete

•Does not affect the air entrainment, compressive strength, or the set time of

 concrete mix

•Required dosage is not affected by chloride concentration

•One MCI Grenade per 1 cubic yard of concrete mix or one Metric MCI Grenade

  per 1 cu meter

•Does not contain calcium nitrite

•Non-flammable and environmentally friendly

•Lab and field tested

•Concentrated for cost effectiveness on all projects

•Will migrate to adjacent areas to protect surrounding metals

Typical Application

MCI Grenades®MCI Grenades are recommended for:

•All reinforced, precast, prestressed, post-tensioned, or marine concrete structures

•Steel-reinforced concrete bridges, highways, and streets exposed to corrosive environments  (carbonation, deicing salts, and atmospheric attack)

•Parking decks, ramps, and garages

•Concrete piers, piles, pillars, pipes, and utility poles

•Restoration and repair of all reinforced concrete commercial and civil engineered structures.

Case Histories

Local and Worldwide Projects utilizing Cortec® MCI Grenades®

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