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Product Description

When you use Cortec® products, you can rely on our corrosion protection to prolong

the service life of your products. Cortec® VpCI®/MCI® technology protects during

manufacturing, storage, shipping, operation, and shutdown.  Cortec® waterbased or

oil-based barrier coatings protect from atmospheric corrosion. Cortec® additives

protect from corrosive environments and contaminants.

In cases where equipment or systems require layup, temporary shutdown, or long

term mothballing, Cortec® products can be applied quickly with little or no surface

preparation (depending on the product). Cortec’s VpCI®/MCI® technology provides

corrosion protection to external and internal metal surfaces and parts.The degree of

protection needed is based on the severity of the environment and the length of

exposure to corrosive elements. The protected system will be ready for immediate use

when needed.

​- Corrosorber - Absorbs hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases.
Corrosorber Pouch - Uniquely designed pouch containing an indicating powder that absorbs 
   corrosive sulfurous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and volatile mercaptans.
Desicorr - Specially designed pouch to protect products from moisture damage. 
Desicorr VpCI - Specially designed two sided pouch which contains a unique combination of desiccant          and VpCI® (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor). 
ElectriCorr VpCI®-238 - Multifunctional multimetal corrosion protection, antistatic and cleaning action   for indoor use.
ElectriCorr VpCI®-239 - Outdoor version of VpCI-238. 
- MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film - heavy duty film featuring Cortec multimetal Vapor phase Corrosion           Inhibitors (VpCI®)
M531 - oil-based package of corrosion inhibitors for petroleum and synthetic lubricants.
VpCI ®-101 - small foam patented device from which Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®s) 
   are slowly released. Protection: 1.0 ft3 (.03 m3).
VpCI ®-105 -  Plastic emitter with breathable membrane. 2.3" diameter x 0.75"H. Protection: 5.0 ft3. 
VpCI ®-111 - Plastic Emitter with breathable membrane 2.3" diameter x 1.27"H.   Protection: 11.0 ft3.

VpCI®-126® Blue - best selling anticorrosion PE film in the world today.
VpCI®-126® Blue Bags and sleeves - keep everything corrosion free.

VpCI®-126® Blue Heat Shrink Film -combines the latest film technology with the most effective               corrosion protection for all of your metal products.
-VpCI®-238 is an electronic cleaner containing Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®).
- VpCI®-337  is a ready-to-use waterborne vapor corrosion inhibitor for temporary protection of                         equipment and plants.
- VpCI®-369 is our best inhibitor for use as an oil additive and/or temporary coating. 

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