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Consumer Version VpCI-389

Product Description
VpCI®-389 is a water-based, temporary coating which provides excellent protection for outside applications and salt-spray resistance. VpCI®-389 is an environmentally friendly replacement to oil-based products.

VpCI®-389 is an excellent choice for long-term indoor protection (up to 5 years*) and short to medium-term (6-24 months*) unsheltered outdoor protection. This product cures to a soft film and eventually hardens. VpCI®-389 can be easily removed with alkaline cleaners, such as Cortec® VpCI®-414. *Depends on conditions and/or film thickness

• Multimetal protection
• Safe and easy to use
• Environmentally friendly
• Available in ready-to-use form - VpCI®-389 D (1:1)
• Works in SO2 and H2S environments

Metals Protected

• Aluminum
• Steels
• Cast iron
• Copper and alloys
• Tin

• Equipment lay-up
• Parts processing protection
• Overseas shipping
• Maintenance repairs
• Parts storage

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