Product Description

VpCI®-391 Non-tacky temporary coating is a water-borne, temporary coating that is intended for medium to long-term indoor and outdoor protection.

Once dried, VpCI®-391 builds a non-tacky transparent film on the metal surface that provides excellent salt, humidity, and UV resistance. 

This product, being a complex mixture of non-toxic organic inhibitors incorporated in a water-based acrylic polymer, offers corrosion protection that can compete with most permanent coatings and primers.

• Fast drying, non-flammable
• Clear coating allows visual inspection of metal substrate
• Provides excellent corrosion protection
• Can be removed using an alkaline cleaner such as VpCI®-414
• Available in different colors
• Water-dilutable, environmentally friendly, and safe to apply
• Cost-effective - protects at very low Dry Film Thickness (DFT)
• Works in SO2 and HCl environments

Metals Protected
• Carbon steel
• Cast iron
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Galvanized steel


VpCI®-391 is recommended for metal surfaces as a protective coating when a non-tacky surface is required and when optimal removability is beneficial.

Case Histories

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