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Products -VpCI®-419

Product Description
VpCI®-419 is a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser concentrate developed to meet the needs of those responsible for cleaning industrial, oilfield, commercial and marine equipment. There are many cleaning compounds on the market today, but few are as advanced as VpCI®-419.

VpCI®-419’s heavy duty action is due to its chemical nature which alters the composition of deposits, making them removable with water. This cleaner has the unique ability to remove difficult to clean deposits such as heavy hydrocarbons, grease, drawing and buffing compounds and mill and machinery oils. In addition, VpCI®-419 contains vapor and contact corrosion inhibitors, which protect ferrous metals from flash corrosion.

VpCI®-419 can be metered into power washers, steam cleaners, etc. VpCI®-419 is a high solids, low viscosity product which reduces transportation and handling costs for industrial applications. VpCI®-419 also saves on energy costs required for the hot alkaline cleaners presently used in the industry.

• Heavy-duty chemical cleaner and degreaser.
• Exhibits excellent detergency and hard water tolerance.
• Unique cleaning action through solubilizing hydrocarbon deposits and dirt.
• Does not contain hazardous nonylphenolethoxylates.
• Non-toxic, phosphate ester free.
• Provides excellent cleaning action at low temperatures, thus affording energy          savings over hot alkaline cleaners.
• Highly cost effective.
• Provides corrosion protection to ferrous metals.

• Machinery, engines or tank cars coated with grease or oil deposits.
• Plate and sheet metal covered with stamping and drawing fluids, or oil films            prior to painting 
or pickling.

• Machined parts contaminated with cutting fluids prior to assembly.
• Concrete floors, plastics, wood, glass.
• Oilfield tools, pipes, tanks and vessels.
• Refinery vessels, heat exchangers, pipes, etc.

How to Use

VpCI®-419 can be applied with any convenient cleaning equipment including power washers, steam cleaners, sprayers and dipping tanks. VpCI®-419 is diluted according to the type of deposit. Allow VpCI®-419 to remain on surface to penetrate the deposits, and then remove with steam or pressurized water. VpCI®-419 can also be used in floor scrubbers.

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