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Products - VpCI®-422

Product Description

VpCI®-422 effectively removes rust and tarnish from steel, iron, copper, brass, and

chrome. VpCI®-422 removes corrosion from metal without creating wast disposal

difficulties and is milder to people than traditional rust remover.

VpCI®-422 G is a modification of VpCI®-422, which is recommended for galvanized


It will not harm human skin or adversely affect most paints, plastics, wood, textiles,

ceramics, or rubber when used as recommended. Removing corrosion from metal is

easy; just apply VpCI®-422 and rinse with water. VpCI®-422 is completely organic,

100% biodegradable and does not require special disposal for typical use. It is especially

helpful for outdoor and marine applications where chemical waste disposal can be a problem.

In rare situations, waste treatment may be required if a sufficient quantity of pollutants are introduced into the chemical solution.

Unlike conventional rust removers, which can be extremely dangerous to use, handle, and store; VpCI®-422 is so mild that minimal protective covering is needed. In addition, the non-toxic, non-flammable formulation has no pungent acid or caustic fumes. Being nearly odorless and extremely mild makes VpCI®-422 easy and safe to use. In contrast to harsh industrial chemicals, VpCI®-422 can be used in labor-intensive areas such as continuous assembly and packaging lines with no adverse effect on production efficiency.

• Removes rust and corrosion from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
• Prevents flash rusting.
• Completely organic and biodegradable.
• Non-polluting and environmentally acceptable; check with local authorities for                                   disposal

• Loosens rust-frozen parts.
• Safe-to-handle, use and store.
• No adverse effects on most paints, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics, and rubbers.

• Safe, non-toxic, non-flammable formulation and mild odor makes it ideal for in-plant use.
• NSF (A3) Registered. Acceptable for use as an acid cleaner in and around food processing

   areas for indirect food contact.
• Passes ASTM F-519-05 “Mechanical Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation of Plating/Coating
   Processes and Service Environments”

• In-process rust removal for parts and metal stock.
• Interior and exterior surfaces of tanks and vessels.
• Outdoor machinery and equipment.
• Trucks, cars, and other vehicles.
• Automotive, marine, farm parts, and equipment.
• Fences, railings, and walls.
• Tools, locks, and rust-frozen parts.

How to Use
VpCI®-422 can be applied using spray equipment including air and airless spray as well as by brush or dip.

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