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Clips showing rust controls and how easy you can take care of your own corrosion prevention to prevent rust

The Department of Defense (DoD) has rated Hawaii as a Zone 4 corrosion region -

the highest corrosion or most difficult  for metals to survive their design life.
1.None  2.Moderate  3.Severe  4.Extremely Severe 

Combine that with Sulfuric dioxide (VOG from active Volcano on Big Island) + chlorides (Salt from Ocean) =
Super Electrolyte resulting in SEVERE CORROSION of all metals. 

NOTE ‐ Highly corrosive environments, as indicated by the maps, include “severe” and “extremely severe” corrosive regions. A highly corrosive environment does not refer only to areas where the use of road salts or other chemical de‐icers is common: high humidity areas, and/or areas with a high concentration of salt in the air are also considered to be highly corrosive.  (TB 43‐0213, TECHNICAL BULLETIN: CORROSION PREVENTION AND CONTROL, INCLUDING RUSTPROOFING PROCEDURES FOR TACTICAL VEHICLES AND TRAILERS (04‐DEC‐1990)

Living on an Island, nothing escapes the rain and ocean's salt carried by the trade winds.

TAKE ACTION NOW to prevent rust or manage rust and corrosion on what you own or manage, 

because as we all know - Rust never sleeps - especially in Hawaii!

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Corrosion Cops specializes in PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS for Rust and Corrosion Protection  

 that work in Hawaii and similar harsh tropical environments.


Need an effective Solution to prevent rust Now? We specialize in what works in our harsh Tropical Island Environment.  Hawaii has many micro climates that exist side by side with strikingly different climatic conditions.


Corrosion Cops represents

the best in Corrosion Prevention Products that prevent rust. Because we live on an Island many are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe products that work and will provide you with rust and corrosion protection. 

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We are committed to providing environmentally friendly corrosion prevention products and solutions that prevent rust in harsh tropical island environments.